Letterpress Printing

Make an impression with elegant letterpress projects for your
special engagements

Letterpress is a relief printing technique whereby a text or image is composed on a raised surface, applied with ink, and is pressed directly onto the paper to transfer the text or image. It has become the customary technique for wedding invitations since the revival of craft letterpress services in the ’90s. Nowadays, letterpress has made its way to limited-edition books, business cards, and bespoke paper products.

Since it’s mostly or entirely created by hand, and every colour is a separate run through the process, it requires a lot of artistry to do it right. If you are interested in fine letterpress work, G.K. Craig will deliver the specifications and designs you want. We mix the ink by hand to get the desired colours, offer a variety of paper materials and foils, and die cut and bind it to give you a timeless, elegant finished product.

Benefits of letterpress printing include:

  • Classic, timeless, and upscale appeal
  • Works well with tree-free papers and thick materials
  • Great for displaying spectacular typography